Body Language Tips for Landing Medical Assistant Jobs

Body Language
Done with your medical assistant training and ready to begin interviewing for your first medical assistant jobs?  Then you’ll probably want to know the following tips for using the unspoken dialogue of body language to your advantage in the interview. Here are some tips for leveraging body language cues to help increase your attractiveness as a candidate for medical assistant jobs in the eyes of hiring managers.

1. Demonstrate your Excitement for the Position

Being excited and enthusiastic is a great way to make a strong first impression on a hiring manager.  It also provides you the opportunity to work your knowledge of the role into the discussion.  If you’re in introverted person by nature, or just not comfortable with robust displays of emotion, just focus on remembering to smile.  Nothing is more disarming than a simple, authentic smile.

2. Maintain the Right level of Eye-Contact

Not too much or you’ll seem creepy or overly aggressive.  But not looking people in the eye indicates deception or may simply make you seem less than confident about your abilities.  Studies suggest meeting eyes about 60% of the time with your interviewer makes one appear friendly, interested and trustworthy.  So the eyes have it!

3. Nod your head

Don’t be a bobblehead, wagging your dome wildly.  But do try and nod in an affirmative way when making your points to the interviewer about your qualification for the role and you will notice they’ll be inclined to nod back in kind.  It is an affirmative gesture that people intuitively mirror leading to positive impressions.

4. Keep your Palms Open

Everyone intuits the negative or blocking energy from a posture showing crossed hands or clenched fists. These behaviors suggest a person is closed off to the ideas being discussed.  Instead, keeping your hands open and palms upturned conveys trust and makes people better at ease. Here’s a link to a Forbes slideshow demonstrating 10 body language errors to avoid for some more help in preparing yourself for a medical assistant job interview.  Good luck out there!

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