Don’t Let Your Brain Undermine Your Progress in Healthcare Training School

If you’re taking any healthcare training courses with Allen School – the certified nursing assistant course, online medical billing and coding, nurses’ aide training or medical assisting classes – you’d think your brain were you best ally.  But did you know that your brain can work against you?  If you’ve ever suffered from procrastination, then you know just what I’m talking about.  “I really should be studying for my upcoming certified nursing assistant exam, but I think I will pop over to Facebook for a moment and see what my friends are up to.”  Sound familiar?  Procrastination is but one of the traps our brains can fall prey to as we pursue our goals.  Excessive fantasizing – even positive fantasizing about, say, landing the perfect medical office assistant position after graduation – can have a really negative effect on your chances of making your dream come true. Psychological researchers from Great Britain have been examining the cognitive functions behind fantasy, procrastination, planning and other brain activities.  This compelling article at explains all the ways your mind may be playing tricks on you, quite literally.  Read it and come to a greater understanding about how to stay in control of your mind and keep it focused on your long term success in pursuing a career as a certified nursing assistant, medical billing and coding specialist, medical office assistant or any other course of study offered at the Allen School.

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