Can You Do an Internship While Attending the Allen School of Health Sciences New York Campuses?

We’ve all seen those healthcare job ads that require experience for a Medical Assistant job, but how can they expect you to have experience? Internships! They are the answer. Internships are often steppingstones to a first job, providing valuable experience, training, and confidence.

Who Internships Benefit Most

The main goal of any internship is to provide real-world, on-the-job experience. Contrary to popular belief, you can do an internship as part of your certificate program to become a Medical Assistant. At the Allen School of Health Sciences, our internship is 275 hours in a clinical environment. You will gain invaluable experience working with doctors, office managers, nurses, and other allied health professionals.

Why Choose A School With An Internship As Part Of Their Curriculum? 

Whether you’re a high school student, college student or a seasoned professional looking to change careers, an internship as part of your healthcare program can help you level up your career in various ways.

Gain Experience 

An internship throws you into the working world while you’re still under the supervision of a more senior professional. You can get hands-on, real-world work experience while still receiving guidance.

An internship can teach you the soft skills that you’ll need to thrive later on; on your first job in the healthcare field. Plus, they’re a terrific addition to your resume! It shows you have experience (and the dedication to stick with a job). Internships are a fantastic way to work in the medical field; they expose you to various work environments, which can help you decide which specialty and job as a Medical Assistant might be the right fit for you.

Develop Professional Skills. 

Your Allen School education will teach you all kinds of valuable facts and skills from critical thinking to drawing blood. You will learn how to conduct an EKG, and understand the administrative side of a Medical Assistant role. Because you won’t learn everything in a classroom setting, the Allen School of Health Sciences has a 275-hour internship component as part of the curriculum. In a real-world environment, you can further develop your skills as a Medical Assistant and gain more experience.

Networking Opportunities 

An internship is a terrific way to get to know people beyond your immediate academic circles. You can network with more established professionals and even find a mentor or role model.

Get Your Foot In The Door.

A Medical Assistant internship experience may give you a competitive edge in the job market. Many healthcare companies use internships to fuel their talent pipeline, preferring to hire former interns instead of sourcing fresh talent externally. Why? Companies in the healthcare field train their interns in their processes and culture so they know the entry threshold and learning curve will be much lower for an intern than for a new hire.  The ability to train potential full-time employees is one major advantage for companies in the healthcare field to offer internships.

Allen School of Health Sciences – Career Services

The Allen School Career Services team helps students prepare for the working world. Our career services team will introduce enrolled students to local medical offices, assist students with cover letters and professional resumes, go over interview skills including attire and talking points, provide internship opportunities and continue the partnership after graduation. To learn more about the Allen School of Health Sciences and our medical assistant curriculum which includes an internship, contact us today. We are now enrolling for early acceptance for our classes starting soon.

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