Every Day is a Good Day to be a Nursing Assistant Candidate (Monday is Best Though)

Studying to get your certified nursing assistant degree is but the first step in one’s career transformation plan.  Once you’ve completed your studies, purchased a snazzy new, professional outfit of clothes and drafted an impeccable resume, you’ll be ready to embark on the process of seeking a position as a certified nursing assistant.  Landing a new job takes determination and a bit of showmanship to make yourself stand out among other candidates. But did you know it matters what day of the week you’re out there beating the metaphorical bushes?  Yep. It’s true.  Thank the scientific minded researchers at career website Bright.com who performed a recent study revealing that Mondays are the best day to seek a job.  We kind of already knew this on an intuitive level. Monday morning, hit the ground running right?  But there is a deeper scientific logic to why this is true.  Read all about it here.  Then, get your certified nursing assistant degree, your snazzy new outfit, your resume and hit the pavement early Monday morning!  Good luck!  

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