When Doctors Become Nurses

Here at the Allen School Blog, we frequently shine the light on instances of people who began their careers as CNAs, medical office assistants or even medical billing and coding specialists, using this valuable training as a springboard for advancement through the medical industry ranks.  There are those who even leverage their studies towards the end goal of one day becoming physicians.  But a commenter on an earlier post made me aware of an interesting trend wherein some doctors are leaving the stress and demands of their jobs behind to instead take positions as nurses and medical billing/coding specialists.  After all, some fields of medicine are particularly stressful.  With the pay for medical billing and nursing jobs continuing to remain robust – and with their well-established knowledge of the field – it seems natural that some doctors may make the switch back to the lucrative and less psychically demanding field of medical office support.  The hours are better, the pay is good and the working environment is much lower key than on the front lines of medical practice.  Has anyone else heard of this trend?  Here are links to a couple articles about this phenomenon. Link One Link Two

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