Eat a Good Breakfast Before Medical Assistant Training

medical assistant training begins with a healthy breakfastTony the Tiger, the Honey Nut Bee, Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner, Produce Pete, Count Chocula, Ronald McDonald, Dr. Oz.  These are all people (some real, some fictional) who grace our TeeVee boxes every day to tell us about the benefits of a balanced breakfast.  And while many of them are shilling for sugar-coated breakfast cereals with about as much nutritive value as a bottle of Coca Cola, the undeniable truth is, eating a truly healthy breakfast is a best practice for students.  Whether you’re taking medical assistant training courses, studying for your bar exam or any other educational activity, all studies indicate that having a good breakfast improves mental acuity and academic performance. A good breakfast should include a proper balance between lean proteins and complex carbohydrates.  It is also a great opportunity to get a couple servings of fresh fruits or veggies into your daily diet.  We know it can be difficult for the busy student/worker/parent to take the extra time needed to prepare a good morning meal.  But the benefits are truly worth the effort. Here are some links to sites with healthy, easy-to-prepare breakfast recipes to help kickstart your new daily, healthy breakfast regimen. Real Simple Womens’ Health Delish Buzzfeed Let us know of any good breakfast favorite recipes you may have by sharing them in the comments.

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