Enterprise is in New York

Yes, you Allen School Online students are being well prepared to enter into healthcare business enterprises large and small, as office assistants and billing and coding specialists.  Your education here at Allen School Online shows just how enterprising you are for having chosen such a brilliant field of study and career path.  But there is another enterprise here in New York City these days.  I am speaking of the Space Shuttle Enterprise which, famously, soared into the area atop a modified 747 and is currently sitting in a hangar out at Kennedy Airport awaiting its very final frontier – the final trip to its new home, the Intrepid Air & Space Museum in the Hudson River.  The space shuttle program is a testament to the same American spirit of ingenuity and dedication to excellence that we promote here at the Allen School.  The new exhibit at the Intrepid is sure to be as inspiring as your own efforts toward self-improvement and education.

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