Finding Allen’s Healthcare Training School Campus Just Got Easier

Unless you’ve opted to study medical billing and coding online with Allen School, you’ve got to make the trip every day to the ground campus for healthcare training school.   Since medical assistant training is best done in person and not online, that means most Allen School students navigate the NYC public transit system of buses and subways.  Now, even the most seasoned New Yorker will tell you, it can be disorienting coming up out of the subway into the harsh light of day; especially in a neighborhood you’re not used to traveling to or from.  But no fear you new entrants into the medical assisting classes!  The City has your back.  They’ve just begun the release of an impressive new city map system which will be rolling out at new kiosks across all five boroughs in the coming months.  Have a look at the new map network courtesy of the geeks over at  It is going to be a lot easier to get to your medical assistant education regardless of where you’re commuting from.

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  1. Living in Park Slope I have been looking for a school for my sister that was closer to our home instead of having to travel into the city. The trains can sometimes be unreliable, especially the R train. Thanks for the info.

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