Free Stuff

As students of medical billing and coding, you’re in the company of students everywhere who are frequently, as the old cliche goes “starving”.   Having been a starving student myself once, working on studies without enough time to work for more money, I would have been thrilled to find a place where they were  giving away free stuff.  Well Allen School Online starving students, today’s your lucky day.  I am going to drop a bit of knowledge on ya, with links to a couple of excellent sites where they’re giving away free things.  From samples of Greek yogurt, to energy bars to laundry detergent and many more things a starving student would be happy to have for free.  Check out TotallyFreeStuff which is an excellent spot with links to all manner of freebees and other goodies.  Also of value is the similarly named FreeStuff website.   Enjoy!

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