Gasoline Cost per Gallon – Medical Billing Online Students Shrug

low gas prices don't faze medical billing online students
USA Today reports this morning that warmer than average winter temps coupled with weakening demand for oil in China among other influences are pushing the cost of gasoline at the pumps down toward record lows.  In fact, the article linked here suggests the price for a gallon of regular unleaded may reach the $1.00 mark, a price not seen in the US since as far back as last century in 1999.  For those students taking medical assistant training and certified nurse assistant courses on Allen School ground campuses around the NY metro area, this is welcome news as it means the cost of commuting to and from classes is set to fall even lower. However, for those enrolled in medical billing online classes with the Allen School, the good news is largely irrelevant.  After all, one of the key benefits of studying medical billing online with the Allen School is the absence of any commute for purposes of study.  That is, unless you count the commute from the bedroom to the living room or home-based office every day.  We all know that medical billing online classes are a great way to prepare for a good-paying job in a field all the experts agree should continue to exhibit strong growth in the next 10 years.  We also know that medical billing online classes offer unprecedented flexibility in terms of study times, perfect for those with lots of other obligations such as family duties, existing employment and such. So while the price of fuel continues to bottom out, the low pump price still represents a cost that medical billing online students will continue to avoid completely.  And have no fear, it is almost a certainty that the price of fuel will not remain at these historic lows.  So when we begin to see the inevitable bounce back to higher per-gallon gasoline costs in the coming year, online students will be able to continue to be the focus of envy within the academic community at large!

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