Hands-on Learning Hard to Replace in Phoenix Health Sciences

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We are always worried about national and global averages, test scores, and getting our students ready for college or technical and trade schools. When it comes to education. However, we often overlook the best ways to teach our students the essential skills to advance their careers. Unfortunately, we have subscribed our education approaches to a “one size fits all,” limiting the capability of many students. We shouldn’t force anyone to adhere to a singular learning skill. Instead, educational institutions should incorporate various teaching studies, including hands-on learning to develop students’ careers, both online and in-person. Some education programs like medical assisting require a more hands-on approach to learning due to their technicality. For instance, the best way to practice taking vital signs or drawing blood is by using hands-on learning.

The Allen School of Health Sciences: Medical Assistant Accelerated Program.

Ideally, all medical assistant programs should require a hands-on learning approach. Students taking medical assistant programs should have (or gain) experience in dealing with patients. They need to learn how to conduct or assist with medical procedures, which requires a hands-on approach. A hands-on learning approach allows for improved retention of information since it engages both parts of the brain. Also, it improves students’ attentiveness because the concepts are presented excitingly. These improvements are why hands-on learning is better, especially in health sciences. Students undertaking the Allen School of Health Sciences accelerated medical assistant programs will experience a blended curriculum comprising hands-on clinical experiences and online learning.

Creative Alternatives to Programs

You might be wondering; how will I advance my career in the healthcare field with what I learned in school? Allen School of Health Sciences has 275 hours of internship in our program. Allows our students to get hands-on experience in a clinical setting. Our programs use online learning and hands-on learning together to equip students with knowledge and experience to succeed in healthcare.

Medical Assistant Program

Our medical assistant program models students to become multi-skilled healthcare professionals to offer support in administrative and clinical areas of the medical practice. Students who undertake our medical assistant program can work in various healthcare settings, including outpatient surgery centers, urgent care clinics, medical offices, and specialties like dermatology, internal medicine, and pediatrics. Our medical assistant program features blended courses for theory classes, hands-on skills, and internships where students gain real-world experience. Allen School of health sciences offers the medical assistant program at all of our campuses.

Medical Assistant Programs at The Allen School of Health Sciences, Phoenix Campus.

If you’re interested in starting your healthcare career, enroll in a school you can trust. For over 60 years, the Allen School of Health Sciences has assisted and trained thousands of people for their new careers in healthcare. Ready to start working towards a new career? Contact the Allen School today! We are enrolling now for classes starting soon. We cannot wait for you to become part of the Allen School family. View our programs to learn more. -Allen School of Health Services

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