How Can a Medical Assistant Advance Their Career?

Gaining experience, becoming proficient in skills and widening your medical knowledge base are all tools you’ll need to advance in your career as a Medical Assistant. You may decide to aim for a management job, work in a competitive area of medicine or go into teaching. No matter your goals for career advancement, a few extra tools may help you successfully work toward advancement opportunities.

Different Career Specialties in Medical Assisting

Whether you work in medical administration or clinical practice, choosing a specialty can be a wise choice for future career advancement opportunities. Some medical specialties require more knowledge and skills than others and may offer more opportunities for growth. Healthcare is a multi-dimensional field; The vast array of medical specialties and subspecialties can provide the certified Medical Assistant with limitless employment opportunities. Though you may begin your career in a clinic or out-patient center, you may want to specialize in another area of Medical Assisting at some point. Luckily, Medical Assistants are able to work in tons of specialties.

Clinical Specialties

Medical Assistants have many medical specialties to consider as a career. Some specialties allow you to earn additional certification, while others rely on experience and hands-on training. If you’re currently a Medical Assisting student, consider working in a medical specialty during your externship.

Administrative Specialties

If you feel that administrative Medical Assisting is more your taste, you can specialize in non-clinical areas as well. Opportunities for branching out into administrative areas may come as you gain more work experience. You may be required to take additional classes, however, the administrative procedures you learned during Medical Assisting school will be a good foundation to build on.

Medical specialties like these can be demanding and have a higher learning curve. Because of the demands, employers may have a harder time finding qualified Medical Assistants to fill open positions. If you’re currently working in an entry-level Medical Assistant position, moving into a medical specialty may offer better opportunities. The longer you work in a specialty practice that you enjoy, the more valuable your skills and knowledge will become to your employer. Remember that because Medical Assisting is so versatile, opportunities to specialize will continue to grow. The more experience and continuing education you have, the more doors may open for you.

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