How to Lose a Medical Billing Job Online

social whoopsiesToday, thanks to the popularity of the internet, sprawling social media landscape and the ubiquity of the camera phone, pretty much everything about our lives are online somewhere.  Do you remember any of the pictures and comments you posted on  The Internet does!  This is why for young adults working on their medical billing online degrees in hopes of landing a good paying career, the following information is critically important. We all have already been told that Internet etiquette suggests we post nothing in public areas (think Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) that we wouldn’t want our granny to see.  Or, if you prefer, don’t do anything online that you would be too embarrassed to do in a public place.  But carry this logic a step further to consider the availability of your online behavior to the hiring manager you may interview with for a job. Hateful comments, lewd behavior, nude photos, photos of alcohol or drug use posted on social media can be all it takes for a hiring manager to drop your resume like a hot potato.  Even strong political or religious posts or comments can be negatively viewed. Similarly, for those already gainfully employed as a medical billing or coding pro, online activity can torpedo your job.  For example, blowing off steam about your boss to your sympathetic friends could potentially be seen by coworkers or, worse yet, your boss.  Then there’s also the tale of the medical billing manager who called in sick but really went to the football game and posted pics smiling at the fifty yard line.  HR saw the posts and you can guess what happened. There are plenty of other ways to screw up your career through undisciplined usage of social media.  Check out this article from Business News Daily for the comprehensive list of social media mistakes that will ruin your career.

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