Huge Asteroid Barely Misses Earth Today – Medical Office Assistant Students Continue Studies

In case all you students engaged in Allen School’s medical office assistant training courses were thinking the end was nigh, you’re cleared to get back to your studies.  According to the nerds (and I use that term endearingly) over at “The asteroid 2012 TC4 will pass Earth at a range of just 59,000 miles (95,000 kilometers) —about one-fourth the distance to the moon — when it makes its closest point today, NASA scientists said. The asteroid was discovered by astronomers on Oct. 4 and is about 56 feet (17 meters) across.” Roughly the same size as a house, 2012 TC4 would have ruined the entire day of people all over the world, including those studying medical billing and coding and certified nursing assistant training.  For any Allen School graduates who may have survived should this impact have occurred, it is certain that the hospitals and doctors’ offices where they are working would have been working double-time to keep up with the casualties.  All kidding aside, studying to be a medical office assistant or CNA is a safe career bet because even in the absence of cataclysmic, cosmic collisions, there are plenty of terrestrial catastrophes to contend with.  Fires, floods, earthquakes, outbreaks of disease, and many other afflictions keep our medical offices busy with patients.  And this means there will always be high demand for medical office assistants, medical billing and coding specialists, and CNAs. Since it is Friday, I will be hoisting a cold pint (after close of business) to toast the fact that we weren’t annihilated by an asteroid today.

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