Job Interview Tips for Graduating Medical Office Assistants

Well, OK, these tips are definitely useful to those of you graduating from Allen School’s certified nursing assistant programs, medical billing and coding online programs and all other people poised to enter the job market shortly.  Getting a job today is a competitive process.  But once you’ve developed an effective resume, and once you’ve mastered the preliminary phone interview, you’ll be sitting across from the hiring manager for an in-person interview.  There are many ways to blow it at this critical stage of the process, and unfortunately, many do.  So here is a list of useful tips for the job interviewer, based on some of the most frequently asked questions that hiring managers hear from candidates (and that ruin their chances in the interview). The worrisome thing is, these questions may seem perfectly reasonable, which is why perhaps so many applicants ask them and hurt their chances at getting hired.  Here is a brief list of the questions you should avoid: 1) What does this company do? 2) What happened to the last person in this position? 3) How much will I be paid? 4) Did I get the job? Click here to read the full article from which has explanations on why each of these questions is a deal breaker for your interviewer.

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