Kiplinger: Medical Assisting Among Most Lucrative Job Fields

Financial news outlet Kiplinger just released a list of the college majors most likely to land a lucrative career after graduation.  You’ll not be surprised to learn that at least four of the courses of study were in the medical field including Nursing, medical technologies, pharmacology and treatment therapy.  But you’ll be very pleased to know – especially if you’re currently enrolled in medical assistant training programs at Allen School – that medical assistant was also on the Kiplinger list.  According to the article (viewed in its entirety here) medical assistants today enjoy: Unemployment rate: 2.9% Unemployment rate for recent grads: 5.4% (Average for top 100 majors: 7.7%) Median salary: $51,000 (Median for all grads with bachelor’s: $54,756) Median salary for recent grads: $43,000 (Median for top 100 majors: $37,000) Projected job growth for this field, 2010–2020: 31% (Average: 14%) I’d say that’s some rosy set of numbers!  So if you’re currently enrolled or thinking of medical assistant training as a career option, there’s good evidence to support the claim that it would be a great option to pursue!

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