Learning Phlebotomy as Part of Your Medical Assistant Program in New York City

Learning phlebotomy as part of a Medical Assistant program can be highly beneficial for your career for several reasons:

·     Expanded Job Opportunities: Phlebotomy skills are highly sought after in the healthcare industry. By learning phlebotomy, you enhance your skill set and become a more versatile Medical Assistant, thus making you eligible for a wider range of job opportunities.

·     Increased Employability: Many healthcare facilities such as doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, and laboratories require Medical Assistants to have phlebotomy skills. Having this skill set can make you a more competitive candidate during the hiring process.

·     Enhanced Patient Care: Phlebotomy is a crucial aspect of patient care as it involves drawing blood samples for laboratory testing. By learning phlebotomy, you can directly contribute to patient diagnosis and treatment by ensuring accurate and efficient blood sample collection.

·     Improved Patient Comfort: Phlebotomy can be an anxiety-inducing procedure for some patients. As a Medical Assistant with phlebotomy skills, you can help alleviate patient fears by using proper techniques and providing compassionate care during the procedure.

·     Collaborative Healthcare Team Member:  As a Medical Assistant, you often work closely with other healthcare professionals including phlebotomists, nurses, and physicians. Having phlebotomy skills allows you to collaborate effectively with the rest of the team, enhancing communication and workflow.

·     Professional Development: Learning phlebotomy expands your knowledge base and skill set, contributing to your overall professional development; It demonstrates your dedication to continuous learning and can lead to opportunities for advancement within your career.

·     Personal Satisfaction:  For many Medical Assistants, being able to perform phlebotomy is personally rewarding. It allows you to take an active role in patient care and contribute to the overall well-being of individuals.

In summary, learning phlebotomy as part of your Medical Assistant program can significantly benefit your career by increasing job opportunities, employability, and patient care capabilities. Phlebotomy will also enhance your collaboration within the healthcare team and contribute to your professional growth. Learn more about phlebotomy as part of your Medical Assistant program. The Allen School of Health Sciences is enrolling now for classes starting soon. Contact us today

Article updated July 2024

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