Leaving a Medical Coding Job? Don’t Neglect to Give Notice!

Give notice when leaving a medical coding job
One of the best things about studying medical coding online with the Allen School is the fact that, upon completion of the course, you immediately gain access to a very robust medical coding job market.  There are available positions in medical billing and coding across every state in the union.  So regardless of where you live, or the environment in the workplace where you’re employed, you should always have a wide array of options for work.  This is good because inevitably, there will be positions where you’re unhappy with the work environment.  It happens to workers in every single field, bar none, and medical billing professionals are no different.  Whether it is a horrendous commute, obnoxious co-workers, a failed office romance or an overbearing boss, there are many reasons why some jobs simply don’t work out.  And if you should find yourself in such an untenable position, the following important advice is for you. DO NOT QUIT WITHOUT GIVING NOTICE!!! Unless you’re being physically or sexually harassed, there is never a good reason to leave your employer without giving two week’s notice.  Here are some reasons why:


Leaving a company without giving notice can damage your professional reputation.  You’d be surprised how small the business community can be, particularly when you’ve done something of questionable ethics like leaving without sufficient notice.  Also make sure you refrain from talking trash about the job during your notice period.  Even if you have good reason to leave the position behind, keep it positive.  It will reflect better on you.  Also, do your job at full effort during your notice period. Don’t just slack off because you’ll be leaving soon.  Manage your responsibilities promptly and professionally. It typically takes two weeks to tie up any loose ends, and coordinate with management and co-workers to ensure tasks and resources are reassigned properly.

Completing Tasks

Even if there aren’t any long term tasks or responsibilities in your role as a medical billing and coding worker, leaving without giving at least two weeks notice strains your employer and co-workers.  Remember, your co-workers will likely have to pick up the slack you leave behind until a replacement is hired. So leaving without notice kind of sticks it to people you may have fondness for.  You don’t want to be remembered as the person that screwed the team on the way out.  Showing that you have the integrity to complete your engagement properly will earn the employer’s respect and will help ensure that you get a positive reference as you seek your next job as a medical billing and coding pro.

Future Job References

As noted, the most important reason to provide and honor a formal, written notice of your intention to leave a position is to protect that you may need to rely on your past employment to help you secure future jobs.  References are very important and if you’ve done your last job wrong by leaving without notice or not completing your notice to full satisfaction, you could be damaging your future job prospects. Yes, there are plenty of medical coding jobs available in the marketplace.  But your reputation is yours alone to polish or tarnish.  Make the right choice when it is time to leave.

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