When Life Gives You Trash, Make Art

Medical Billing Trash ArtYou’ve surely heard the old saying, “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.  Perhaps you haven’t heard the new saying, “if life gives you trash, make art”.  That’s probably because I just made it up.  I made it up after watching this inspiring video about how a group of artists is helping draw attention to the growing problem of ocean pollution which is already reaching epidemic proportions.  These artists have collected more than 1 million pounds of floating garbage from the beaches of Hawaii and instead of simply disposing of it properly, they’ve been building large scale art installations out of it.  The idea is that if people can see the garbage in a new and positive light, they’ll be more emotionally invested in this issue when they learn of the origin of the artists’ medium. What does this have to do with online medical billing and coding schools you may be asking?  The answer lies in the idea that something truly transformative and good can come of something sad and negative.  If you’ve recently lost a job – especially if you’ve lost a job in a field that is being heavily outsourced or automated – you may be lamenting the loss.  And while you have every right to feel this way, perhaps you may take this opportunity to look at it as a potentially positive development.  Perhaps you take this opportunity to embark on an exciting and stable new career as a medical billing specialist by taking medical billing and coding online courses through the Allen School Online.  In this way, you will be turning the trashed remains of your old career and building a beautiful new position from the ruins.

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