Medical Assistant: 2016 Job of the Year?

Medical Assistant - Job of 2016
Every year around this time, I start scouting the predictions for where labor markets are heading in the new year.  For as long as I have been doing this little year-end ritual, healthcare industry jobs have always been high on the lists of fields where job supply and security is forecast to be highest.  This year is no exception.  In fact, 2016 promises to be something of the ‘Year of the Medical Assistant’ with numerous reputable media outlets reporting that medical assistants will be in high demand over the next 12 months. Number 8 on the Boston Globe’s list of 30 fastest growing jobs?  Medical Assistant! Coincidentally also at number 8 on career site’s list of ‘Top and Fastest Growing Jobs for 2016’ list?  Medical Assistant! Forbes magazine has no fewer than 5 healthcare industry jobs on its list of the 10 Toughest Jobs to Fill in 2016.  And although Medical Assistant is not one of them, this fact shows that the growth and expansion of the healthcare field is set to continue unabated next year. So get busy with the medical assistant training if you’re seeking a career in an industry replete with opportunity.

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