Medical Assistant Career Advancement Benefits

Medical Assistant Career Advancement Benefits

Medical assisting is a solid career choice in a field expected to grow at an astounding 29 percent through 2026. There should be no shortage of jobs for those looking to work in this career, but what do medical assistants have to gain by advancing their careers? There are several reasons, but the number one reason, not surprisingly is to increase earnings.

  • Higher Pay

As with most careers, the more advanced the work, the higher the pay. Medical Assistants who advance their career through specialized expertise, additional classes and more targeted training may be more likely to get that coveted pay raise.

  • Better Job Security

One of the woes of staying in an entry-level job while not increasing skills is that workers may be more likely to be downsized or replaced. But those who have made a point of advancing their career through greater knowledge and skills can become quite valuable to employers, who may then make a point of keeping them on the payroll.

  • Broader Skill Set

Learning new skills isn’t just about job security and higher pay – it’s about patient satisfaction, and that translates into recognition from employers and coworkers. That broader skill set can hold a medical assistant in good standing as they look into other careers in healthcare. For instance, someone who wants to be a nurse can learn a great deal of hands-on skills while working as a medical assistant.

  • More Prestige

Turning to specialized training to advance medical assistant careers can mean that in the end, the person who has the widest variety of training is more in-demand. The prestige that comes from being able to handle various patient populations can change an entry-level medical assistant into a must-hire advanced candidate.

  • Wider Career Options

Medical assistant careers aren’t limited to physician’s offices or hospitals. Those who have significant training in a particular field can move into more challenging careers, such as office management, or clinics that support a particular population or focus on a particular illness or medical issue.

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