Medical Assistant- Graduate spotlight

The hardest thing is waking up every day knowing that you’re not doing something to better yourself, when you have the option to follow your dreams. It wasn’t until I felt so lost, with no home or vehicle to get around with, making very little money, that I began losing my passion and purpose in life. As a cosmetologist I had a client that worked for Mayo clinic who loved the oncology field. Within in minutes I found my purpose. She sent me several schools in my area and the first one to contact me back was Allen School.

The first person I talked to was Nicole, she and Justine not only assured me the quality of education but the true purpose of family environment. I was ready to walk out and follow my path as a hairstylist until I met Dr. Hunt. She came in with open arms and stated this was going to help me in the long run and that I would never have to worry about being homeless again. I don’t only have an education and a secured career but also a family that truly cares about my well-being. The amount of resources and motivation to keep going doesn’t just start with the teachers; it begins with the dedication of my entire class.

I came in with no friends, hope or money and now I have perfect attendance and a family of 25 girls who help me every day to be a better person and mother. I wake up every day excited and know that I’m creating a better life for my son. This is for you, Aisely.

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