Medical Assistant Training Mentioned in SOTU

Medical Assistant Training Mentioned in SOTUWhether you love him or hate him, President Barack Obama delivered one heck of a barn burning State of the Union speech last night to Congress and the American people.  Did you notice the part of the speech where the president called out medical assistant training?  Well he didn’t exactly say the words, “Medical Assistant Training”, but he most definitely spoke at length on the topic of retraining for the careers of the 21st Century. President Obama had invited a woman named Rebekah Erler who’d written him a letter sharing the hardships and ultimate triumphs her family faced in recent years.  In her letter, she talked about how the economic downturn had damaged her family’s earning ability and pointed to her decision to retrain for a new career as pivotal in her family’s rise from the ashes. He used her story as a larger allegory for America and talked about how our country is moving forward by retooling our workforce. Many students taking medical assistant training courses with Allen School are part of that retooling.  Many come to Allen School from poor paying positions in the service sector and other low-earning fields for the chance to better their lot in life by learning the skills needed for a successful career in a robust growth industry – medicine/healthcare.  If you’re considering taking the step up and enrolling in medical assistant training courses with the Allen School, there’s no better time than the present to make the call! Click here for the full text of the SOTU address.

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