Medical Assisting at the Allen School of Health Sciences Arizona Campus: A Career to go Places!

The American Association of Medical Assistants describes a Medical Assistant as someone who works alongside doctors, usually in a clinical or office setting ( Though the description may seem similar to that of a nurse, there are some key differences. A Medical Assistant commonly handles tasks such as checking vital signs and showing patients to their rooms along with various other administrative duties. A licensed practical nurse, on the other hand, provides basic care measures like catheterization and prescription administration. While Medical Assistants often work in clinics and ambulatory care, licensed nurses more commonly work in settings like nursing homes and hospitals. Here are some other perks of being an MA:

Start Working Sooner!

Medical Assistants can begin working in the healthcare field sooner than students who attend nursing programs at four-year universities. At the Allen School of Health Sciences Phoenix campus, our accelerated program allows you to graduate in less than a year. Our MA program includes an internship which is 11 weeks and provides our students with 275 hours of clinical-based training. Having an internship as part of your Medical Assistant program can really help with future job prospects.

Medical Assistant grads of the Allen School Phoenix campus graduate with the knowledge and experience needed to excel in the healthcare industry. They are trained in both clinical and administrative tasks that are critical to running an office or clinic.

Diverse On-the-Job Experiences 

With a vast array of skills at their disposal, Medical Assistants can explore different areas of medicine and discover what they are passionate about. Medical Assistants can perform many different tasks needed to keep the clinic or office open in addition to treating patients. Their versatility also ensures they will not be bored on the job because there is always something they can do. Additionally, the patients and what they are seeking to be treated for each day vary. Every day on the job is different than the one before.

Helping People

An MA helps physicians run their offices, but they also provide patients with compassion and understanding while doing so. Like their fellow healthcare professionals, Medical Assistants take satisfaction in knowing they are helping patients and changing their lives for the better.

Will it be easy? Nope. Worth it? Absolutely! The Allen School of Health Sciences Phoenix Campus offers the essential resources medical assisting students need to excel in the classroom, in their externships, and in the workforce to help care for patients. The Allen School of Health Sciences – Phoenix campus is offering virtual and in-person campus tours for enrollment for our Medical Assistant program. Classes start soon. Contact the Allen School today! We cannot wait for you to become part of the Allen School family. Visit​ to learn more. -Allen School

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