Medical Assisting Means Knowing About Public Health Concerns

As a future medical assistant, you’re on the road to joining a career field that has the dual benefits of producing a good living for you as well as helping ease the pain and suffering of your fellow man/woman.  Part of being effective, aside from choosing a good medical assistant school is keeping abreast of public health concerns.  This is because as a medical assistant, you’ll be faced daily with the ramifications of public health issues.  This may take the form of outbreaks of communicable diseases like influenza, or the proliferation of new and dangerous illicit drugs that emerge into the community. One such unpredictable health risk comes in the form of food poisoning.  For example, from time to time, there will be instances of tainted meat, like the E. Coli contaminated beef being recalled this week.  Knowing about such outbreaks can help medical staff more quickly identify the symptoms of patients who come in afflicted by such instances of contaminated foods.  Do you pay attention to these kinds of stories in the media?

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