Medical Billing Courses Online at your Fingertips – Literally!

Thirty years ago, it would have been considered “futuristic” to consider what is today an accepted reality.  Taking medical billing classes online using the internet-enabled virtual classroom seems perfectly normal to us today.  Yet, it is easy to forget just how radical and innovative this capability is and how much technology has transformed the way we do nearly everything – from work to shopping to studying medical billing courses and more! Well, if you’re a student taking medical billing courses online, then you’re probably temperamentally well-suited to perhaps adopt this nifty new piece of tech-magic!  Grad students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a miniaturized trackpad (like the ones on laptops) that you can affix to your thumbnail.  It literally puts a wide range of activities right on your fingertip.  The video below explains what it is and how it works.  Think of the multi-tasking potential this nifty little piece of wearable technology will deliver! Contact the Allen School today! We are enrolling now and cannot wait for you to become part of the Allen School family. Visit to learn more.  

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