Medical Office Assistants, Doctors and Patients-Sharing Information

CNN recently reported on the study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine which recommends giving patients access to the notes recorded by the doctor (or sometimes by the CNA, or medical office assistant) after each patient examination.  These notes include the physician’s observations and other important  data such as medications the patient may be taking or even their state of mind.  The study provided patients access to these notes and the results seemed to indicate that people were more engaged with their own health needs as a result.  Keeping control of such personal and detailed information would pose a significant challenge to certified nursing assistants, nurses aides, medical office assistants and others in the doctors office.  However, the study seemed to indicate that there was a strong benefit to health and well being in doing so.  Click here to read the fascinating details about this study then share in the comments if you think doctors, certified nursing assistants, medical office assistants or other medical office personnel should be involved in incorporating this kind of strategy into their patient care plans.

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