Medical Office Etiquette

Don't say these things out loud in your office

So you’re about to complete your studies to be a Medical Assistant, Certified Nursing Assistant or Medical Billing and Coding pro.  Congratulations to you!  Soon you’ll be finding a job.  And when you do, despite the nature of the work after medical office assistant training, you’ll still be working in – wait for it – an office!  As such, you’ll be subject to the same rules of workplace etiquette as those who work in every other kind of office environment. As someone who has toiled in the fluorescent halls of nearly every kind of imaginable office, let me pass along a little wisdom that will help you avoid landing in hot water in your new office gig.  The folks over at job board published this great little piece about the 5 things you should never say in the office.  High on that list is the old chestnut, “That’s not my job!”  I cannot tell you how many erstwhile colleagues I witnessed utter this job-torpedoing four-word resignation.  Another “no-no” utterance from the article is “It’s not fair!”  Even shorter, at three words, this little sentence will also dramatically reduce the number of days you’ll likely spend in the employ of the office wherein you made that plaintive whine. Here’s the whole article.  Read up and avoid making these rookie mistakes in your first office ecosystem.  Better to learn it here than learn it the hard way.  I know, because I dropped a couple of these bombs myself as a green office denizen.  I can attest to the negative influence on one’s earning ability these simple sentences bring.  Just don’t do it!

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  1. Very well written article and gentle reminder of “donts” at the new office. However I firmly believe that you should put your foot down and say no to things you do not want to do. Avoid getting typecast.

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