Microsoft’s Compulsory Holiday Gift for Online Medical Coding Students

Microsoft’s Windows is probably the operating system running on nearly every online medical coding student’s computer.  Whether it’s a laptop or desktop, Microsoft’s dominance in the market means your computer is likely running some version of Windows.  As we’ve written about here extensively – because it matters for online medical coding students to have computers that work well – Microsoft was getting ready to release Windows 10, the latest version of the OS.  Many users loved Windows version 7 and hated Windows version 8.  So many are looking forward to installing Windows 10, and perhaps you already have since it has become available.  But there are many others who are happy with 7 or 8 and do not wish to change.  The following information is for these users.

Microsoft really really wants us to all upgrade to Windows 10.  So much so, that they’re sneakily pushing the update into your computer’s automatic updates.  Automatic updates typically happen in the background and help Microsoft keep your machine current and protected from security hacks and such.  But you may have noticed lately that your computer keeps urging you to update.  And if you’re a savvy enough user (who wants to keep 7 or 8) you may even have taken steps in the control panel to decline the upgrade.  Yet, it keeps coming back!  There doesn’t seem much one can do to keep Microsoft from forcing you to accept this “gift”.

Look, this blogger has 10 running on one of his laptop and has no fundamental gripes about it.  It is a decent operating system and a better piece of software than Windows 8 which is nearly universally hated.  But no one wants to be forced to upgrade without a say in the matter.  So if you’re an online medical coding student who wants Microsoft to keep its holiday “gift” to itself, you’ll be happy to read this article from Computer World which explains what the story is and how to retain full control over what gets installed on your machine automatically.

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