Need Extra Time Before Accepting a New Nurse Assistant Job?

Stall for time nursing assistantOne of the best things about studying to earn nurse assistant certification is the job opportunities that open up once you’ve earned your diploma.  You’ll find there are plenty of job availabilities and you’ll hone your skills at resumes, interviews and the like.  You may even find yourself in the enviable position of having one job offer come in while you’re waiting to hear back from another opportunity where you’ve already interviewed. So what do you do if you prefer job ‘B’ but the hiring manager from job ‘A’ calls first to offer you the position?  Believe it or not, this happens more frequently than you’d expect – especially for certified nurse assistants who remain in high demand. Jacqueline Smith at the Business Insider has a good set of rules for handling this scenario with tact and aplomb.  Her article is titled, “How to Politely Postpone Accepting a Job Offer” and it provides numerous nuggets of great information.  You can read the article here for the details but some of the key takeaways are:
  • Show excitement and gratitude
  • Make sure you’re fully aware of all the details (like hours, salary, benefits, vacation, etc.) and ask for more information about the job as a way to stall for time
  • Offer a definite time in which to provide your response: “Can I get back to you in two days?”
  • Mention that you’re also considering another offer
  • Make sure to accept or decline the job in writing
There’s a lot more good tidbits of information on this subject in the Business Insider piece.  Don’t make the mistake of burning bridges in the medical community when there are solid, tactful ways to protect your best interests.

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