Nurse Aide Training Like an Olympian

There is a lot a nurse aide trainee can learn from an Olympic athlete.  In order to compete in the world’s largest athletic contest, an Olympian must put in countless hours focused on learning and perfecting their skills in whatever event they are driven to compete in.  So too, the nurse aide trainee must devote significant time and energy into learning and perfecting the skills required to earn a nurses assistant certification.  An Olympian must endure challenges and defeats along the road to success, driven to pick themselves up and recommit each and every time they are bested by a challenge.  Similarly, a nurses assistant trainee must also become inured against the frustration caused by committing to complete a rigorous course of training in a complex and important field.  After all, they will be part of a team entrusted with protecting the health and well being of the many patients they’ll serve over the course of a career.  Speaking of teamwork, that is another item a nurses aide trainee can take cues from Olympians about.  Teamwork, so very much on display in the Olympics in such popular team-based events as gymnastics, volleyball, cycling and others, is critical to success.  Just as the members of every Olympic squad are there to support and encourage one another,  nurses aide must too learn to operate as part of a team of healthcare givers.  While achieving your nurses aide certification may not be as spectacular an achievement as bringing home an Olympic gold medal, as a nurses aide, you will surely be one of the most important people in the world to those whose lives you help improve or even save during your career.  So take a page from the Olympics and reach for gold in your career.

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  1. This is very true. There is no easy career which can get you gold automatically. You might experienced first ups and downs before you reach your dream goal. Career such as Nursing Aid requires commitment, persistence and sometimes short-term sacrifices in order to reach your success.

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