Nurse Assistant Trainees, Enjoy a Taste of Summer in NYC (in March)

nurse assistant training - take a break and enjoy the warmth
You’re busy studying away all winter long to earn your certification through nurse assistant training with the Allen School.  Typically, this time of the year would be perfect to stay all tucked away in a warm classroom, out of the elements and filling your head with the knowledge you’ll need for your exciting new career as a CNA.  But for whatever reason – whether it was the prognostications of Punxatawney Phil or the Gods of Summer – we’ve been blessed here in the New York City region with near 80 degree warmth, weeks before the calendar end of winter. So with the next few days forecast to be an ongoing taste of a summer that isn’t due to arrive for nearly half a year, enjoy this brief, abridged list of 10 great outdoor places to visit in NYC distilled from this excellent post at the Gothamist.  Do yourself a favor and after the end of your nurse assistant training classes over the next few days, pop outside.  Get some vitamin D going with the sunshine on your exposed skin.  Pretend it is July!  Here’s some awesome local places to dig outside in March. Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Trails for hiking, sunset tours, boat trips, woods, water ponds, horseshoe crabs, turtles, butterflies and dozens of other animals and reptiles you probably don’t get to hang out with in the urban jungle. Muscota Marsh All the way at the northern tip of Manhattan in the Inwood district sits this lovely space, located on an acre by the Harlem River, with its beautiful walking paths, wetlands, marshland and, as winter thaws temporarily, perhaps a bevy of animal life the likes of snowy egrets and harbor seals. There’s also a dock for kayaks and canoes (though you’ll have to bring your own, sadly), picnic areas, and views of Spuyten Duyvil and the Palisades. Carl Schurz Park: This park has some of the best dog runs in the city, lovely gardens, green lawns and walking path; an East River promenade for pedestrians and bikers that affords great views of Queens and beyond; plus a statue of Peter Pan, pine trees and plenty more pretty sights. Read the entire lists for waterfalls, piers, quiet lawns and wooded areas all over the boroughs.  Take a little time to enjoy this wonderful respite from the winter.

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