Why the Nurse’s Aide Didn’t Get the Interview

So this nurses aide student got her nurses aide certificate from Allen School and hit the job market looking for a position.  She sent out scores of resumes and cover letters seeking nurses aide positions in doctor’s offices and hospitals around her home.  Although her certification was from a solid institution like Allen School, with a good reputation for producing quality nurses aide candidates, she found no one was calling to offer her an interview.  Wondering why no one was calling, the nurses aide sought some sage advice from the gurus over at Lifehacker who regularly publish valuable information on job hunting, how to get interviews and how to ace them once you do.  Dave Fecak’s recent piece, “Why You Didn’t Get the Interview” explains a good number of common reasons why people’s resumes don’t yield interview requests.  So if you’re a nurses aide seeking a position (whether you’ve been working for years in the field or just completed nurses aide training with Allen School) you should pop over to Lifehacker.com to read this valuable article on where you may be going wrong.    

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