OK, Just One More

Like one more potato chip, or one more chicken nugget, i simply cannot resist yet another “junk food” post.  After this, I promise to lay off the stories about horrific fast foods (and the role these foods play in undermining in public health) for at least a little while.  Although it is a topic we cover periodically on the Allen School Online Blog, and while there’s been a unusually high number of these stories in the news lately, I will not be turning this blog into something other than a place focused on medical billing and coding, and medical office assistant training.  That said, I was appalled to see another customer suffered an actual heart attack at Las Vegas’s infamous Heart Attack Grill.  We posted the last time a patron of this aptly named restaurant died eating their apparently deadly Quadruple Bypass burger. Today, another Heart Attack Grill patron suffered a heart attack, this time while consuming the comparatively puny Double Bypass burger (wimp!)  One really can’t feel too bad for either victim.  After all they only got exactly what they paid for in their choice of restaurant.  But, if you are feeling badly about it, console yourself with a little treat. I hear Burger King is testing out a new bacon sundae!

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