Online Medical Coding Classes, Use MORE Google

Google tricks for online medical coding studentsWe already know that those who take online medical coding classes are typically more computer savvy than their classical, on-campus student counterparts.  After all, these folks spend a lot of time online engaged in study of medical billing and coding.  They also tend to favor other online activities such as online banking, social media and online job hunting.  Of course, the majority of online denizens or “netizens” couldn’t survive the day without all the amazing things they can accomplish with Google.  Gmail, GoogleMaps, GoogleEarth, GoogleDrive and even Youtube (a Google equity) are all eminently useful to someone who does business, studies or anything else online. But there are a bunch of Google features which are not nearly as well-known as the services listed above.  These less-popular Google features are no less useful and will probably come as a surprise to even the most savvy netizen.  Taken from an article for BGR News by Zach Epstein, here are five great Google Tricks you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Google Convert – Traveling to England over Summer vacation?  Want to know up-to-the-minute currency exchange rates but don’t want to download another app onto your smartphone?  Simply type, “$500 in GBP” to find out how many Great Britain Pounds you’ll get for $500 US. Google Calculate – Don’t bother messing around with finding that calculator app on your phone.  Want to figure out how many hours you’re not wasting commuting to and from class by studying online medical coding for example?  Say your commute would be 2.3 hours round trip, four days per week.  And let’s say you’d be taking a 22 week course of study.  Simply type into Google, “2.3 times 4 times 22” and let Google do the math. Google Time Zones – Prospecting for a medical billing and coding job in the the Northwest for post-graduation?  Maybe in Oregon?  Don’t want to miss your phone interview by getting the time zones confused?  Simply tell Google, “What time is it in Portland Oregon?” Read Zach Epstein’s full piece for some more Googly goodness.  Share this info with your other friends studying online medical coding!

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