Reason #765 to take Medical Billing Classes Online: Blizzard-mageddon-zilla!

As of the writing of this post, the northeastern US seaboard sits waiting for the arrival of Winter Storm Juno.  Predicted to be a potentially record-shattering snow event, complete with 2-3 feet of the powdery stuff and sustained 50 MPH winds, Juno (and lord how I HATE that they’re naming winter storms now) threatens to shut down the cities of New York, Boston and others along the northeast. Transit and traffic will come to a standstill.  High winds and heavy snows will knock out power to millions, bread and milk shelves in local groceries will be picked clean (if they aren’t already). Everyone is freaking OUT! But you know who’s calm, poised, and veritably un-phased by the imminent snowy destruction?  Students taking medical billing classes online with the Allen School.  That’s who!  Yep.  If you were studying medical billing classes online with the Allen School, you’d be all snug in your home, piles of bread and buckets of milk, computer light casting a warm glow on your face, ready to ride out the blizzard-mageddon-zilla.  On days like today and tomorrow and Wednesday, we’re all envious of the men and women who had the forethought to pursue a new career from the comfort of their own homes via medical billing classes online with Allen School. Stay safe and warm.  We’ll check in on you after we’ve dug ourselves out.  In the meantime, enjoy comedian Vic Dibitetto’s viral classic depicting panicked New Englanders when the TeeVee predicts a snowstorm.      

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