Scrubs: Why the Color of Your Scrubs Matter.

Updated July 2022

Scrubs: Why the Color of Your Scrubs Matter.

One of the main benefits of being in the medical field is getting to wear the comfiest work uniform known to man, scrubs! But with so many styles to choose from, how do you pick? The truth is the color or pattern of your scrubs can say a lot about your personality, so it is important to get a pair that shows the world the kind of person you are. While it can be easy to get caught up in the details, picking out the perfect pair of scrubs is easier than you think; Focus on something that feels like you!

Plain Blue

Blue is the most common scrub color, and for a good reason. Plain blue scrubs give off a calming, professional vibe. They tell your patients that you have the necessary qualifications, making you appear more trustworthy. Wearing blue can tell others that you take your work seriously. Blue scrubs may also be a requirement as part of the dress code in some medical facilities.

Fancy Pocket Scrubs

Fancy pocket scrubs give a fashion-forward appearance. Wearing the same thing every day doesn’t have to be boring. Decorative pockets add a touch of style to your look while remaining a mostly solid color. If you sometimes feel stifled by your uniform, fancy pocket scrubs can be a fantastic way to branch out and try something new.

Patterned Scrubs

Wearing patterned scrubs can help patients see you as more open and friendly, helping them relax when you walk into the room and can allow you to express your personality. You may find that patients open up more when you’re wearing patterned scrubs, so be prepared to talk! The vibe your scrubs give off can help you feel confident and put your patients at ease.

Holiday Themed Scrubs

If you like patterned scrubs, celebrating the holiday, or both, you’ll love holiday-themed scrubs. Holiday-themed scrubs let everyone know that you’re the life of the party, ready to spread holiday cheer. Wearing holiday scrubs can help brighten your patient’s day and help you feel in the holiday spirit even while working.

Other Scrub Colors

Certain scrub colors are sometimes a requirement by the medical facility where you work. Other times, you can choose the color you want to wear. It is important to know that the color scrubs you choose may say something about your personality. Here are some common scrub colors and what they may tell others about you.


White scrubs are seen on physicians, nurses, and surgeons. White represents cleanliness and purity. Unfortunately, white is often hard to keep clean, staining easily. This struggle can make white an unpopular choice in certain situations. From a patient’s perspective, white can be too bright, making it uncomfortable to look at and causing eye strain. While white scrubs can work in certain settings, it is important to think carefully before choosing this color.


Purple scrubs tend to be easier on the eyes. They are similar to blue, making you look professional and confident. Purple scrubs are also a popular color in pediatrics. If you plan to work with children, purple can be a great color to help you relate more to the children if you decide to choose a solid color over a pattern.


Green is associated with peace, healing, and tranquility, making it an excellent color for scrubs. Green has been shown to lower blood pressure and can decrease eye strain for patients. There aren’t any downsides to green, making it an excellent choice for scrubs.

Yellow and Red

Both yellow and red are eye-catching colors, but their heart rate increases when people look at these colors. Neither are popular choices for scrub colors for this reason. On the other hand, yellow can represent happiness, making it a potentially great option for pediatrics and hospice care.


While red tends to strike negative emotions, pink tends to have a more calming effect. Pink scrubs can show patients that you are a fun, calm provider. Pink scrubs can be great for various fields, making them a smart choice that allows you to express yourself.

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