Secrets to Landing a Job After Graduating from Healthcare Training School

Whether you’re about to complete the medical assistant program at the NYC ground campus or the medical billing and coding online program, you’re sure to be energized about the benefits you’ll reap for having invested the time and energy in this field of study.  Namely, you’ll be jazzed about taking those new medical billing specialist or medical assisting skills to the job market.  What you may find when you get there could either be the wealth of good jobs you’ve heard about, or the frustration of not getting any calls back from the places you’ve applied for work.  If you fall into that latter category, don’t despair.  It’s not because you’re not qualified.  After all, you’ve received excellent training from the Allen School and you’ve worked hard to become fluent in the language of medical office work.  The problem likely lies in the way you’ve presented your résumé.  Don’t feel bad.  The nature of how human resources and hiring managers source candidates has undergone significant change in the last 5 years.  Alot of it now has been effected by the use of HR software to screen résumés and the processes by which those selected are scrutinized. Here’s a link to the very best, most comprehensive article I have ever seen on the topic of preparing your résumé for battle.  Read it, take the fantastic advice and go back out to the market.  You’ll notice the difference immediately.  You can thank me later!  

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