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  1. In Medical Law and Ethics, I discovered the basics of legal issues in relation to the healthcare industry. This class has shown me how to avoid making mistakes in the medical workplace that could place me in a situation of personal liability and litigation.
    In every chapter, we learn from actual case law examples, as it has applied to healthcare situations. It adds to the course, that our instructor has a solid legal background and has published works in this field.

  2. Sean Toutoungi

    In Medical Insurance Billing and Coding, I have learned all the wonderful ways of coding insurance claims and how to read the claims for family members to ensure proper processing. It is a wonderful and useful set of information that allows everyone of the students to know what to do in this field. I am extremely happy that I have taken this class so I can have a better job and be able to help my family.

  3. Mary Grant

    In our coding class, I have learned how to become a medical detective. It requires alot of attention to detail. (research. reading, patience and medical terminolog. It’s very challenging but rewarding at the same time. When I first started the class I thought I wouldn’t make it because its was a lot of material to comprehend. The instructors were very supportive not only with encourging words but with knowledge. They gave me a formula step by step to make online detective billing and medical coding a sucess. When I complete tjhis program, I am confident; I will go into the work place with professionalism, pride and very knowledgeable of medical and billing coding. I am glad to be a part of Allen School Online team. It has been a rewarding experience.

  4. Shemaiah Smith

    In Career Development, I was surprised to learn that I could put together an effective resume and cover letter. I must admit that throughtout all of my working experiences I have never submitted, not to mention I have never made a resume to submit to a job that I applied for. I have always had jobs where I worked on my feet all day; such as cashier work, cosmetology or nursing assistant. Don’t get me wrong that jobs that I applied for asked for a resume but they weren’t required. The latter positions that I mentioned required years of previous experience versus a required resume.
    When I learned that our assignment was to make a cover letter and resume I was a bit nervous because like I said I have never made one. In the end I was quite pround of myself because I had minor corrections to make on my resume; and it was the first try!!!!!

  5. Nichole Mitchell

    In my billing class, I learned that not all insurances are the same. Just because they have the same name, ex. Medicare part A and B. The requirements are different for each part. The guidelines are different as well.
    In My coding class I learned how to go through the chart and find what is truely important in order to code correctly. Coding isnt as easy as it looks. It can be time consuming and challenging. The smallest detail can make a difference. The wrong symbol, number or letter can put a code into a whole different category. Being precise with the codes is key. Detail is key.

  6. Danielle Hardage

    I learned how to use a Physician Practice software system to become more marketable as a prospective new employee to the medical coding profession. Having a certification does not always make you an attractive candidate for employment. Most hiring managers and human resource departments are looking for something within your experience that would lead them to believe you are qualified for any given position. Having knowledge of a widely used program, such as Medisoft, is a great asset for a medical office that has a small staff and needs their new employee to be ready on day one. Make yourself marketable. Look for great qualities in yourself, both professional and personal, and make sure everyone can see them through your resume. Happy job hunting to us all!!

  7. In Career Development, I was very pleased to be able to write and submit a cover letter. I had heard of them before, but actually had no idea as to what one entailed. I give shout outs to my fellow co-students, as I read through theirs, it really helped define what a cover letter is. Kudos to them all!!!!

  8. Gabrielle Mills

    In Medical Law and Ethics, we read about different legal issues that arise within the Healthcare Industry. We learned that healthcare professionals can be held liable for their actions if they do not act in an ethical manner. We learn the basics about court cases, the difference between a plaintiff and a defendant, and also we learned about the differences between torts and quasi intentional torts and what this means to us as healthcare professionals. It has been an interesting class.

  9. Lillian Valadez

    I have learned so much from my Medical Insurance/Billing course , it is hard to find just one thing that really stands out. But, if I had to pick something that really has been impressed upon me, it would be the HIPPA Privacy issues. Gaining an understanding of the policies and procedures of HIPPA and how I will be responsible for complying with them in the work force, was very interesting to me.

    I also appreciate all of the examples we have in our text book available to us to copy and use as reference material.

  10. Hollie Freitag

    in Anatomy and Physiology I learned so many things that I was always curious about and now I know. did you know that babies are not born with knee caps? They do not develop until they are almost 1 years of age. And there are severl ways to prevent skin cancer. So many things I have learned. But I love that the book we are provided is very detailed and easy to understand and that there are so many ways to help study and remember what you learned. Especially after each chapter when you have the option of testing yourself on what you read. This was very helpful to me. I am happy I took this step to better my future and excited to continue on this quest. Thanks.
    Hollie F

  11. Cherry jackson

    Good Morning, I have learned so much over the past 7 1/2 months. But from the Coding aspect I have found it easier to dig my way thru all the books that we need to use. With each day, I am becoming better. I enjoy the CPT code book and have become better at the ICD9 book. The polices and procedures of the HIPPA I understand them better.

  12. Cherry jackson

    I have really enjoyed the Ethic and Law section this 6 weeks. I have learned so much about the liability. It has brought so much more insite to the liability side of what we are going to be doing. It is so important to make certain that we document everything that we do.
    I have enjoyed this class.

  13. Carmen Smith

    In Medical Insurance & Billing I learned to use the CPT coding system doctors and hospitals use to bill third party insurance companies. I see these codes on my family’s medical bills. Now when I read the Explanation of Benefits, I know what they mean, and know if I’m being charged correctly.

  14. What I have learned in Anatomy and Physiolgy is that all this knowledge can help you to excel in many fields of medicine. I have learned about the fundamentals of medical terminolgy and all aspects of the human anatomy and all of it’s system functions. The studies of the different diseases and tests and medicines was very interesting and informative. I believe this course will help me to excel in my studies. I really enjoyed this class.

  15. Lillian Valadez

    I have, so far, really enjoyed the coding class. I like the layout of the text book and I think the exercises in each chapter have been very beneficial. Learning the cpt book chapter by chapter, or system by system, has been great. It is challenging but I like it.

    Professor Smith is very helpful, and challenges our thinking. I look foreword to moving through the rest of the book and continuing learning.
    I feel I will be ready at least at a basic, entry level, to enter the job market with a good foundation to build on.

  16. Soroya Pinheiro

    In my Anatomy II class I have learned so many new things just from our weekly class discussion board. The topics are so interesting and the research that goes into each students post is really informative.
    When I am researching a topic for an assignment of discussion I do get that Nancy Drew girl detective feeling.

  17. Soroya Pinheiro

    I just finished my last assignment for Interpersonal Communication in Health Care; I feel such a sense of pride in knowing that I am a step closer to my dream career. I always wanted to do something in life that I knew would help others.

  18. kanitah conley

    In Medical Billing and Insurance class, I have learned the importance of how choosing the correct code is to the payment process. It is a very technical process that requires attention to detail. Also, I have become familiar with the various insurance requirements when filling out insurance forms. I am enjoying this learning process, and look forward to obtaining a rewarding position when I complete this program.

  19. Jamila Peters

    I have learn a wide array of information in my MIBC7 class. I learned the various career roles and responsibilities that is required of coders. The history of insurance companies and the role that coder and third party payer play in the insureance claim process. It is also interesting to learn about the government agencoes such as Medicaid and Medicare TRICARE CHAMPVA and how they differ from each other in benefits and requirements in the claim form process.
    I have learned a great deal from this course.

    In my MIBC08 course, I will admit I was a bit horrified before I took the course when I saw the sizw of the book. The text is easy broken down into sections of the CPT manual and If there was something I needed clarification on the instructor was there to help. I will abmit that I still am a bit confused but not has much as I once was. The instuctor lets us know that if we keep practicing that we will get it so that is what I will continue to do. I learned the rules of correct coding and that there are many methods that a coder can use to code a procedure or diagnosis.

  20. Nancy Lee

    These past 12 weeks have been quit a ride. I would have never imagined there would be so many medical terminologies to learn in Anatomy. This was a lot to absorb in 12 weeks, but I did it. I am more than half way finish with the course and it feels really good. Soon I will be working in this field as a Medical Billing Coder. I know I probably will be studying many of these terms for some time in the future but what I find fascinating about anatomy is learning the reasoning behind why our body is so amazing.

  21. Paula Bristol

    In Medical Insurance and Billing, I have learned many aspects of the insurance and billing process. I am amazed at all the information involved. The billing process is much more than filling out a claims form. You must understand and adhere to the HIPAA regulations and standards that apply. In addition, medical terminology and abbreviation knowledge is required to interpret a patients medical record. This is to accurately code the diagnosis and procedures.My experience with Allen School has been very exciting. I look forward to applying my training to the Medical Billing and Coding profession.

  22. Karen Madsen

    In medical insurance and billing I have learned the process of investigation for coding. Anatomy and physiology was a great base for this course because coders and billers need to understand the medical terminology in order to find codes. At this moment I am gaining a clear understanding of how to properly use the CPT manuel and I am eagerly looking foward to learning the system of the ICD-9 coding book. I have thouroghly enjoyed all my classes and class mate interactions.

  23. Suzanne Trout

    In Medical Insurance and Billing, I learned there is a lot that goes into processing a patient ‘s encounter. All the years I’ve gone to the doctors and never gave thought of what it took for the doctor to get paid – all I had to do was pay my co-pay. Learning the flow has been very intreging; from the superbill going to coding, then to inputting, billing, encoder, transmitting, reviewing reports, receiving the eob’s, posting payment, contacting the insurance company with any questions or problems, secure the privacy of patient’s information, proper storage of data…. I’m ready for the next class!
    Cheers everyone!
    Suzanne Trout

  24. Sandra Joseph

    In Medical Insurance and Billing, I have found that there are alot of laws that I was not aware of that-show how serious and important it is to complice with HIPAA and Privacy Rules on confidentiality with health care information. I recently took a 5 week course to obtain a certificate in medical billing; I obtained it but the classes were nothing at all as intense as these classes. I am so glad that I decided to attend Allen School and get the proper training in this field. The instructor left out a lot information and I glad to be a student with Allen School. I feel more informed and motivated to succeed and become a better Medical Biller and Coding Specialist. Thank you Allen School!!!!


      I have been inspired about an article on the Allen School blog called , “Nancy Drew, Girl Detective” by Marge White because I have also read lots of books about Nancy Drew and wanted to become a detective who was smart ambitious and able to solve mysteries. I became interested in the Medical Billing and Coding career in the intent of using problem solving skills to figure out patient’s diagnoses and by translating medical language into coding

  25. Melanie Martin

    I have a job hunting tip. I was speaking to a nurse who was waiting in the same waiting room as me for our appointments. She happened to work at the same clinic in which she was having her doctor’s appt. Of course I had to tell her I was taking Medical Insurance Billing and Coding and was asking her advise on how to ensure a job when I received my certificate. She said try to get your foot in the door proir to graduating by doing volunteer work at the clinic or hospital you want to work for. There is a hospital close by where I live that has a volunteer program. I think I am going to do that so that they can see first hand my work ethics and hopefully I will have a better chance at getting placement. At the very least, I will gain additional knowledge of the health care invironment.

  26. Claudia Hoeppner (Pinki)

    In 1986 I went to work for a third-party-payor. PPO’s were just coming into the arena. By 1991, when I left and went to work for a re-pricer HIPPA was just still in it’s infant stage. Enrolling in Allen School I made the choice I wanted to see how things had progressed. Now I am. I am seeing the frutaion of all the hard work that was put into HIPPA. With my past experience and now my time here with Allen School I cannot wait to graduate and put everything I am learning to work. Arizona has a high population of senior citizens. Long-term care, Hospice are my goals. With education we can all succeed.

  27. Shonna Williams

    In these past 3 weeks my eyes have been opened to the detail and organization needed in the Medical Billing and Coding profession. The different types of reimbursement, coding for each type and how accuracy and timeliness affect the amount of reimbursement are very important. As I further my endeavors in the study of Medical Billing and Coding I hope to understand every aspect to ensure my success in this field. I will use the information obtained at the Allen School to determine what specific HIM profession I may be best equipped to practice. I am looking forward to obtaining as much information as possible granting my success post graduation.

  28. Stephen Glick

    Throughout the MIBC program, I was surprised to learn how the coding knowledge comes together. At first, coding seemed very confusing. But the CPT book for procedures and the ICD coding book for diagnoses really work together to convert the medical record into a different language – numbers!

  29. Barbara Pellum

    “Throughout the MIBC program, I was surprised to learn just how in depth the medical terminology is based. It really is learning a new language. I find myself wanting to learn more because there is so much I never knew about my own body system. I am intrigued with the knowledge of anatomy and its functions. I am proud of the knowledge I have gained and excited to put it to use. Learning to help someone in the background is just as meaningful as in front and medical billing and coding is just that. Making a clean claim and ensuring its promptness is essential. This course gave me a whole new light and respect on the subject. I urge anyone who is not able to attend a traditional college to do it online. The staff at the Allen School is phenomenal. They’re supportive and really have a desire for their students to become a success.’

  30. Loren Schneider-Cohen

    “Throughout the MIBC program, I was surprised to learn … “

    How much Anatomy and Physiology and medical terminology played such an important role in coding effectively. Looking back at these last 9 months, the courses all were in such an order to make sense out of everything I have learned during the CPT and ICD-9 coding process. Everything has fallen into place and even though this course was a major challenge, I have learned so much and can not wait to but my new found knowledge into the medical coding field!

  31. Jennifer Torna

    Throughout the MIBC program, I was surprised to learn just how advance coding can be. It is not a career to take lightly and it takes much effort. I feel that the internet sometimes makes people believe that is an easy career to get into and you can do it from home right away. With the help of the Allen School, I was able to comprehend the different types of codes (CPT, ICD-9, & HCPCS) and the reasoning behind it. Thanks to all the instructors at the Allen School for providing me with the knowledge I needed to move forward.

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