Study Medical Billing and Coding Online (from the beach)

medical billing classes online from the beachOne of the best things about studying medical billing and coding online with the Allen School is the unbelievable freedom that comes with it. You can pretty much take your studies with you wherever you go, as long as you have a reliable laptop and a good wireless signal.  That means, if your family is taking a trip to the beach, you needn’t necessarily stay behind to study.  Many beaches are well withing wireless broadband hot spots and you can set up in the shade of a beach umbrella and listen to the pounding of the surf as you study. (In fact we recently offered some other life hacks for studying from the seashore here.) If you opt to do this every once in a while, the following information is important.  If you use spray on sunscreens, researchers are warning that they may be dangerous.  According to a piece published by Yahoo! Beauty, the phthalates used as propellant in the spray sunscreens may be dangerous to inhale; especially for children.  Also, those sprays containing titanium dioxide should be avoided too as this compound is a known carcinogen. Dermatologists also warn about the spray sunblock, suggesting that the spray is easy to apply unevenly making it more likely you’ll be lacking coverage from damaging radiation.  An FDA spokesperson confirms the agency is currently re-evaluating these products to determine if these concerns are sufficient enough to warrant changing the approval of spray on sunscreens. So, if you’re going to take a study day at the beach (which this blogger HIGHLY recommends), perhaps play it safe and slather up with the good, old fashioned, tried-and-true sunscreen lotion.

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