Successful Medical Assistant Internships in Phoenix, Arizona:

As an internship student in Phoenix Arizona, you are expected to use the knowledge you’ve gained from your training program, at the medical facility site that you are placed. An internship is the hands-on learning portion of your education, so you’ll get to learn additional skills here, as well as improve the ones you’ve learned in school! It’s very important to be a team player and to have proper interpersonal skills, as these will go a long way at your internship! Here are some other important skills to carry out on your intern site:

Concentrate on your appearance.

Dress professionally. You should wear proper work attire because all Medical Assistants in Phoenix Arizona are expected to maintain a clean, tidy, and professional look.

Understand the rules and guiding principles.

When you step into an internship program in an Arizona medical facility, you are considered a ‘visitor’ there. You will be expected to follow the policies of the facility, along with the other staff members, so it’s a good idea to read and understand the workplace policy manual thoroughly. It’s also important to take notes and consider your internship a hands-on job interview.

Be dependable and punctual.

A Medical Assistant internship in Phoenix provides you with a great opportunity to establish your reliability, loyalty, and competencies as a Medical Assistant. Promptness and timeliness are the best indicators that establish your dependability. It is important to be punctual, enthusiastic and prepared to help out with any front office duties.  At times you will be expected to answer the phone, handle administrative tasks, and assist the medical team with additional job duties.

Follow instructions carefully.

During the first few days of your internship, you will be treated in the same way as a new employee. You will be given simple duties in the first few days to assess your abilities, to see how well you follow straightforward directions and perform tasks. Your day-to-day responsibilities, tasks and duties will increase as the internship program moves forward.

Resolve issues in a professional approach.

If you come across a difficult situation on your internship site, contact Career Service or your Admissions Advisors at the Allen School of Health Sciences- Phoenix campus; We are here to support you. On your site, you will encounter all types of people and you will learn the appropriate ways to handle all conflict. Always remember that your Career Service and Admission Advisors are there to guide you toward a successful internship!

Maintain confidentiality.

 Keep in mind, privacy is expected from all students at their internship site. You should never discuss any personal patient information outside of the medical office.

Don’t forget to convey your thanks.

 Make sure to send a ‘Thank you’ letter to you intern site, for giving you an opportunity to accomplish your internship at their medical facility. This will create a great networking opportunity for you in the future.

To learn more about our health care program and internships, contact the Allen School of Health Sciences Phoenix campus today! At the Allen School of Health Sciences, we are devoted to fostering positivity, empathy, professionalism, and integrity in our future graduates. The Allen School of Health Sciences is offering our accelerated blended program of online and hands on classroom learning in a clinical setting. We are enrolling now for our classes starting soon. Contact the Allen School today! We cannot wait for you to become part of the Allen School family. Visit​ to learn more.

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