Super Bowl Study Break for Medical Office Assistant Trainees

Well, you needn’t be studying to become a medical office assistant strictly.  The following also applies to all Allen School students who may be taking CNA training or studying online for medical billing and coding certification.  While it is certainly a good deal of work studying to be a medical office assistant, CNA or billing and coding pro, it is healthy to take some well-deserved time for a study break.  With Super Bowl 47 set to take place this coming Sunday, there is no better excuse for logging off, whipping up a batch of guacamole and chicken wings, and hanging out with a group of friends to watch the big game (and also the ridiculous TV commercials).  Yes, its true there are no local teams in the big game this year.  San Francisco versus Baltimore.  But its entirely plausible that Allen School graduates working as medical office assistants, CNAs or billing and coding professionals may well reside in Baltimore or San Fran.  After all, part of the reason to work towards these career positions is the ability to become more upwardly mobile.  And with these positions in high demand, those possessing them can pretty much choose to live and work wherever they want.  So keep up the good studies, but take some time this weekend for some FOOTBALL!

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