Friday Follies

Making it through another week is always an accomplishment worth noting. Whether its a school week, a work week or both, strong effort Monday through Friday deserves to be rewarded with a little levity and fun.   With the “TGIF” spirit at heart, let’s take a look at a place you might want to  one day visit to celebrate your graduation from Allen School Online and entry into the medical field. The blogmaster at one of my favorite cocktail recipes blogs, recovering from a recent appendectomy, came across this medical-themed restaurant and bar room while websurfing in his hospital bed. At “The Clinic” restaurant in Singapore, the food and drinks are served in surgical pans, syringes and other hospital themed vessels by waitstaff clad as nurses and surgeons. My favorite has to be Nitro Sangria served in an IV drip bag. (Well, that and being able to afford a trip to Singapore!) And if that didn’t make you laugh, perhaps you need to take a step back from studies and work (after school or work today) and get back to your primal roots. Just take a page from our primate cousins, who, according to recent research, laugh just the same as humans. If you want to smile on this Friday, take a look at this amazing video from National Geographic showing researchers tickling gorillas, orangutans, bonobos and others while recording their laughter.