Online Billing and Coding Classes Can Still Use Windows XP

In the past few months, we’ve been covering the imminent wind down of the venerable Windows XP operating system as Microsoft ceases providing support for it.  We’ve outlined all the security risks that support the recommendation to upgrade to a new operating system or even a new machine.  As several readers pointed out though, not everyone can afford to spend $200 on a new OS or more on a new machine.  After all, part of the reason many are studying medical billing and coding online is because they are striving to earn the credentials they’ll need to land jobs in a more financially rewarding industry like medicine. So, if you’re not in a position to upgrade and will be continuing to use your machine running Windows XP, don’t worry!  Our friends over at the blog put up this excellent post explaining what you can do to protect your computer and identity should you continue to use XP for online medical billing classes and other activities. Click here to read the TechGuyLabs easy-to-understand checklist of steps to take if you’re sticking to XP.  It makes it very easy to understand what to do.  As time passes, more and more software will begin to no longer work with XP rendering it less and less useful.  But by then, you’ll likely be gainfully employed in your new career and able to afford something new!