Take a Page From the G-Men and Persevere

Field Goal PerserverenceIn December 2011, the NY Giants were possessed of a middling 7-7 record.  No one was predicting they’d make it all the way to win Super Bowl XLVI.  And yet, they did just that.   To what do they owe this amazing feat of come-from-behind grit and determination?  One word: Perseverance.  If you’ve recently lost a job or feel like you’re in a dead end career with no hope of ever growing out of the rut you’re in, our advice to you is to remain resolute.  Perhaps a new career in medical billing and coding or medical office assistant would change the nature of your financial situation or your life in general?  Allen School Online students work hard and they face the same frustrating setbacks any of us does along the road to success.  But just ask any of the graduates who stuck to it and they’ll likely tell you they felt how Eli Manning and the NY Football Giants felt last night when the fruits of their determination and dedication to success were harvested.  You too can beat the odds and succeed beyond your dreams.  You just need to chart the course and stick to it!  Congrats to the Giants on their unbelievable win last night.

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