This is Spring?

Like most others here in the northeast, and specifically in the NY Metro area, I was tantalized by the unseasonably warm weather we had last week and over the weekend when temperatures flirted with 70 degrees.  I got out of the house and cleaned up the yard some.  I know I was not alone in being irritated to wake up this morning to the scene shown in the image to the right- SNOW!  On the first full day of Spring no less.  The article attached here warns that more of the frozen white menace is on its way for later this week.  Read it and weep New York.  Remind me again why I don’t live in Hawaii.  After all, online students and online workers could be located pretty much anywhere and still achieve.

2 Responses to “This is Spring?”

  1. Althea

    I personally think the snow is great , but it should only fall in the winter time and not in the spring time. Today it feels like summer tomorrow it feels like winter but after its all the work of mother nature.

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