Traffic Law Myths Debunked – Reason #298 to Study Medical Billing Online

medical billing online students get fewer speeding ticketsWe’ve probably all heard the following pieces of conventional wisdom regarding traffic laws and their enforcement: “If the officer who writes your speeding ticket doesn’t show up to court, your ticket gets dismissed.” “Cops write more speeding tickets toward the end of each month to make the quotas for ticket-writing they face on the job.” “Its legal to speed if you’re just keeping up with the flow of traffic.” But guess what?  These (and many other similar myths) are all just that: myths.  In fact, you can still be liable for the fine even if the officer who wrote your ticket has a wedding to attend the day of your court hearing.  There aren’t quotas (the way we think of them) for ticket writing among police departments and “just keeping up with the flow of traffic” is no excuse for speeding. I  bring this information to your attention because these traffic law myths are persistent and many motorists fall victim to these beliefs every day on the roads across this great country.  Lifehacker has a list of eight debunked traffic law myths here.  So, drive if you must, but be aware of the law.  OR, you could simply opt to study medical billing online with the Allen School and leave your car parked safely in the driveway for more of the day than you would if you had to commute to and from campus. Medical billing online courses not only help insulate you from the costs of traffic violations you may rack up speeding from your job to your ground-campus class.  But those who study medical billing online classes also spend up to 35% less on gasoline, tolls, parking and parking tickets.  (OK, I made that last statistic up, but you get the point!)  

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