Traits of a Successful Medical Assistant

It is no secret that the healthcare industry is one of the biggest industries in America with ample job openings. What might not be as obvious is the fact that you can have a prosperous career in the field without becoming a doctor or nurse. One occupation student might want to consider is that of a Medical Assistant.

A Medical Assistant is someone who aids doctors, typically in offices and healthcare clinics, with administrative and clinical tasks. Medical Assistants will check blood pressure, direct patients through the office, and perform administrative tasks. Some other common responsibilities include maintaining patient records, scheduling appointments, sanitizing medical equipment, and helping physicians with examinations. Let us examine a few traits that successful Medical Assistants embody in their jobs.

Medical Assistants need Good Communication Skills

Communicating is a significant part of a Medical Assistant’s job. They communicate with doctors, patients, and coworkers to keep the office or clinic functioning effectively. Medical Assistants who work more on the administrative side may serve as intermediaries between the doctor and patients or the doctor and health insurance companies.

Medical Assistants are Team Player’s.

Medical Assistants are, in many ways, the glue that holds physicians’ offices and healthcare clinics together. It is important that Medical Assistants are team players and willing to do the work that is necessary to efficiently provide patients with the proper care. Feeding off the prior point about communication, part of being a team player is communicating with those with whom you work. Being a team player can increase synergy among you and your co-workers, in addition to the obvious advantage of completing the work required to run the office or clinic.

Medical Assistants have Strong Attentiveness to Details

Paying attention to detail is another quality that successful Medical Assistants exemplify in their work. This is not limited to cases in which Medical Assistants are permitted to administer drugs to patients and need to accurately measure the dosage. It is also crucial in the maintenance of patient records, scheduling and taking vitals to name a few other examples.

Accuracy and attention to detail are important for the wellbeing of the patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Medical Assistants have a lot of Compassion.

Compassion is another trait that successful Medical Assistants embody. They are often responsible for ensuring that patients are comfortable during their visit to the office or clinic. As mentioned earlier, Medical Assistants serve as a point of communication between patients and doctors. Offering compassion and understanding of a patient’s concerns can go a long way towards the patient’s overall satisfaction with the medical care. Medical Assistants can take comfort, pride, and satisfaction in knowing that they helped change a patient’s life for the better.

Medical Assistants always have a Willingness to Learn.

Medical Assistants are responsible for performing a multitude of different tasks throughout doctors’ offices and healthcare clinics. They are skilled in both clinical and administrative aspects of running an office or clinic. It is important for Medical Assistants to show the willingness to learn new skills as required by the doctors under whom they work. Changes in technology used in offices and clinics also necessitate Medical Assistants adapting to such updates.

Being a jack of many trades can provide Medical Assistants with a degree of variety in the everyday happenings of their jobs. In many cases there are things within an office or clinic that they can help with. Armed with an array of skills, Medical Assistants can work in many different realms of medicine, exploring different disciplines and discovering what they are passionate about. Medical Assistants have the opportunity to specialize in a certain type of medicine, teach students who also want to become an MA or even become the office manager. Many also go back to school to expand on what they learned as Medical Assistants and land an even better job.

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