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listening_deviceIn an effort to generate content that will be useful to the user community, I would like to take this opportunity to open the discussion to all of you who visit this blog.  Please take a moment to leave comments for me, your humble moderator, regarding the kind of information you would find the most useful, interesting and engaging. As you can see, I enjoy covering stories about government, healthcare, travel/leisure, and career.  But I wish to make the blog more perfectly tuned into the needs and interests of you, the Allen School Online student body.  So please, leave your comments below with suggestions for me or email me direct at

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  1. I have alway thought dieting is a must; but I think differently now. It is hard to diet and feel good about yourself. Yes, it is a great move, and why should it hurt. In the past few months of deeply trying to pursue a career in the medical field I have learned that relaxation is not a choice, it is a must. An individual must learn his/her boundaries. To diet one must know one’s weaknesses and limits. Yes, you can pig out- what twerked you to in the first place? can you understand yourself and get back on the train and accept the responsibilities of going for an ideal body. “Yes I did it, Next”. No two individual are alike. You love chocolate cake; I love Deep chocolate with fudge in between. What I’m trying to say is it has been proven diets doesn’t work. why not learn about yourself, and try an award… Graduating student.

  2. Alice Elms

    Throughtout the MIBC program I was surprised to learn how important it is to know anatomy. The small changes of one simple letter can make all the difference. For example, -tomy and -stomy mean two different things and if you don’t pay close attention to the details of the words, you could input incorrect codes. Details, details, details….

  3. Alain Casamayor

    Throughout the MIBC program, I was surprised to learn that electronic medical records are utilized in different forms and stages. For example, coders generally deal with some type of digital format of the patient’s medical chart. Some may use a simple scanning of the paper notes, and it forms into an electronic file. This can be seen on a computer and be kept on a server as well be shared across systems. Another advantage of utilizing electronic chart is the likelihood that chronic diseases, and medications used to treat them will be available at all encounters.

  4. Sharon Durnell

    Throughout the MIBC program, I was surprised to learn how important it was to continually review the anatomy section. I found my method of study left me vulnerable when we moved into our more extensive billing problems. It is very important to for on-going review to keep the mind active.

    Often during the individual classes, I found myself confused and second-guessing. I was surprised that I allowed myself to be in that place. As we advanced through the class settings where we worked through coding scenarios together, I found my confidence build. Faced with coding scenarios but knowing your classmates and your instructor are there to validate your choices was a very positive experience.

    I am surprised that tonight is my last night officially with the program. I will miss my classmates and instructors. Thanks all for being there, repeatedly!!!!!

  5. Nichole Mitchell

    Throughout the MIBC program, I was surprised to learn … “
    I cant really say Im surprised that I learned anything. What surprised me was how much medical billing and coding entails. I thought it would be simple. Knowing a couple of numbers putting them together and your are done.
    In reality the MIBC program taught me that medical billing and coding requires alot of thinking, concentration, and time. Being detailed is not an option it is a neccesity. You need to be analytical, because a code may say one thing but, it means another. There is no real short cut to coding. I learned alot from the Allen school. Im excited to start working as a Biller and Coder because I know there is alot more for me to learn.

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