Wear Orange, Red, Brown and Your Job Prospects go Down

Personality traits based on favorite color
So says career coach, Janet Scarborough Civitelli in an article posted at CheatSheet.com a, money and career themed website. There is a decent amount of science behind how human beings react to different shades and colors during negotiations.  Of course, the findings of color preferences tend to be highly subjective, but when applying for your first job after completing your nurse assistant training with the Allen School, it pays to take no chances. To distill the point of the article, Civitelli urges job seekers to avoid wearing bright colors like red or orange which, it is easy enough to intuit, can be distracting.  They may also give the impression that the candidate isn’t serious or that they are attention seekers.   The graphic above lays down one interpretation of the feelings and impressions generated in the human mind by different colors.  Absent from the graphic is the color brown which as Civitelli notes, is often associated with reliability and comfort.  However, she suggests hiring managers don’t like brown because they intuit it mean a candidate is resistant to change. The data shows that the colors most typically associated with business, navy/blue, black, grey and white are the best bet for your outfit when you go out to interview for a job.  Whether you’re completing your nurse assistant training or any of the study tracks offered by the Allen School, it’s smart to put your best foot forward and save that spicy red dress for the club on Saturday night instead!  Happy job hunting!

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